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<tyil> dont the detransitioners suicide even more regularly?
<Wotac> hitler committed a suicide so maybe he was detransitioning
<tyil> u seem like a white supremacist
<Wotac> i can't tell if you meant that as a compliment
<ProtoMan> herbstluftwm finally got proper floating windows, I have the perfect tiling wm now
<tyil> nice
<tyil> only took them like 10 years
<ProtoMan> remind me what you've done in the past 10 years?
<tyil> install gentoo
<kline> just wanna say fuck mikrotik
<Dwarf> i identify as a mikrotik router and I find this offensive
<Wotac> i identify as TCP and i didn't really get that
<Dwarf> ACK
<je_suis_libre> i'm now angry
<je_suis_libre> this is how this channel works
<kline> it's like nerd sniping
<kline> except with incendiary rounds
<samcv> this place is just shit. asking if a piece of shit is left wing or right wing is just a weird look
<tesla_> bro i just type `apt install x` and it works lol
<Wotac> it's 2020, you can be gay even if you didn't see twilight
<ShadowM00n> I have no idea what I'm doing, and it kind of makes me mad.
<Dwarf> imagine being American lmao
<tyil> I'd rather not
<Wotac> i think my imaginary self got shot immediately
<kline> hey man i know lots of poorly adjusted but technically capable people :^)
<Wotac> i'm not an expert on this but i'm under the impression that suicide is very often a thought there
<tyil> same
<tyil> whenever I switch to this buffer, really
<RTB64> stop telling me what to use dude, Jesus
<Dwarf> It's full of naked anime girls :(
<Dwarf> And dudes dressed up as naked anime girls
<ShadowM00n> maybe you should leave
<Dwarf> no :D
<kyrio> i run everything as root
<kyrio> i install new things to run as root daily
<kyrio> all my permissions are 777
<kyrio> i use apache behind nginx behind lighttpd
<kyrio> actually i use cloudflare between each one
<kyrio> ssh is enabled at every level
<kyrio> i run php exclusively
<kyrio> i use discord and tiktok on my iphone
<kyrio> i prefer templeos
<kyrio> i only buy intel
<kyrio> my favorite windows version was ME
<kyrio> internet explorer 6.0 was the best version and modern browsers can't compete
<kyrio> reddit is the best website
<kyrio> it should be illegal to have sex with anyone under age 21
<kyrio> there is nothing better in life that smoking some weed and watching cartoons about pickles on my ipad while i eat a bowl of fruit loops
<kyrio> i had a special adapter case shaped like nintendo's mario made for me by someone on etsy. it holds the 7 adapters that i need to listen to music on my iphone while i charge it. it only cost me $733, which i thought was a really great deal!


<Falson> There are no human "races" we are all same you fucking racist
<ShadowM00n> there is no winning
<ShadowM00n> only less losing
<tyil> I only acknowledge things that fit my narrative to be upset
<kline> i had to sign my spoon back in at the end of training, sadly
<kline> the only time you scored above average on your tests was the chromosome count you fucking mongoloid
<tyil> Dwarf: There’s big penises and there’s small penises, but the best penis of all...
<tyil> is happenis
<Dwarf> aw